Quiz: Which of the Wise Men Are You?
Which of the Wise Men Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Liliboas/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The story of the birth of Jesus is one that probably six out of the seven billion people on the planet have heard. The image of the Nativity, as depicted in a million dioramas, sculptures, paintings, stained glass windows, and movies, is more familiar than almost any other cultural depiction. It's the Nike swoosh of religion; absolutely everyone knows what it is.

Everyone knows, therefore, that the Nativity had certain people and guests present. The family of Jesus is a given: Mary, Joseph, and typically at least one angel standing in for God. Then there were the three Wise Men, who traveled under the light of a guiding star to bring gifts to honor the birth of a newborn king who would bring to fruition many great prophecies. The humble setting is familiar too, as the family of Jesus came to Bethlehem late to register for the census, and found that there was no room in any of the local inns. They ended up in a stable, and Jesus was placed in a manger.

Whether you believe the story is literal or simply a beautiful story, its power is undeniable. Let's see which of the three famous guests you are most like!

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