Which Western Movie Star Is Your Ideal Husband?

Zoe Samuel

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Nothing has done more to define the Old West in the popular imagination than Hollywood. Westerns were among the first action and adventure movies. Westerns were among the first period piece films. Westerns are about the mythology of modern America as surely as any story told here, and part of that is the role of men in Westerns. Men in Westerns can be good. Men can be evil. Men can be "ugly". In the Western genre, men are in constant competition with each other, unless they're old, in which case they are likely either atoning for their sins, or trying to "live quietly" somewhere.

The Western movie stars have become inseparable from their characters, and some part of us wishes they were the men they played in the movies. Their characters always have virtues, but also nearly always have terrible flaws. This combination of characteristics makes these characters feel human and relatable. Of course, these are fictional characters we're imagining, not the real men who played them. Would you really want to be a friend of Angel Eyes or Doc Holliday?

So, with one eye on the real actors and one eye on the fictional characters, which Western movie star is the romantic partner for you?

What do you like best about Westerns?

How important is personal flexibility in a partner?

How much do you mind if your partner has a mean streak?

How important is it that your partner is good at their job?

Are you OK with your partner being a liar?

Do you like a partner who is into tradition?

Do you like someone who is a secret softy?

How important is a gravelly voice?

How much do you value a connection to the past?

How future-oriented are you?

How resourceful are you?

Do you believe in fair play?

Do you like to show off?

If you "go dark", how dark are you willing to go?

Do you have friends who are probably better than you?

Do you believe in justice?

Do you have any role models?

How conventional are you?

Do you prefer city slickers?

How tall do you like your men?

Is it important that your man's name be easy to spell?

Does your ideal man do his own stunts?

Is your ideal Western movie star funny?

Is your dream partner the marrying kind?

Does your partner smoke on screen a lot?

What modern car do you think your ideal Western movie star would drive today?

How famous is your ideal Western movie star, today?

What major award should he have won?

In what recent movie would you cast your ideal Western movie star?

What cowboy song do you think he'd sing?

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