Which Weird AF Food Combination Are You and Your Significant Other?

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About This Quiz

You might want to keep a bucket handy during this quiz! Not only are we going to want to know about the foods you find vile, but we're also going to ask you all those mushy, gushy, love-oriented questions that make you throw up in your mouth a little. We apologize in advance, but it really is the only way to accurately determine which weird AF food duo you and your sweetheart are most like. 

When we say weird AF, we mean - weird AF! We are not talking about dipping your salty fries in your McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae. We're talking about the kind of combination only a stoner with the munchies in the middle of blackout would find appetizing! 

Just like any good food combination, your relationship is made up of many different elements that lend to the flavor of you. By examining the foods you find appealing and the ones you find gagworthy, we'll learn a lot about the differences and similarities you have with your significant other. 

This could be the test that makes or breaks your relationship! You could find you're looking at your partner as an appetizing co-ingredient, or you may see them as something you would never want to put in your mouth. No matter what, your weird AF food combination is just a few clicks away! 

What is your significant other most afraid of?

Which comfort food do you like best?

Is your significant other more like a dill pickle or a sweet pickle?

Which term of endearment do you prefer to be called?

What do you find most attractive about your significant other?

Who wears the pants?

Who eats more - you or your significant other?

What kind of snacks does your partner like most?

Which kind of ice cream would you partner prefer?

Which condiment do the two of you use most?

Which one of you likes spicy food more?

Which vegetable would you serve your sweetheart as revenge for a spat?

What kind of food is your partner most likely to have delivered?

Could the two of you survive a juice cleanse?

Are you healthier than your significant other?

If you drank the last of the milk, would you put the carton back in the fridge?

What would you never put on a peanut butter sandwich?

Which one of you eats out most?

Do the two of you drink more beer or more wine?

How often do the two of you argue?

Who chooses the restaurant when you go out?

Which one of you has better table manners?

What would you like to do more of with your partner?

Which word would your partner use to describe you in the morning?

Which one of you would eat an earthworm for $100,000?

Which reality show is your relationship most like?

Which word best describes your partner's driving?

Do you finish one another's sentences?

Are you the bigger extrovert?

Which cocktail are the two of your most like?

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