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Chevy and Dodge are as American as apple pie, but can you tell them apart? In this quiz, we'll explore the legends and set apart the true autophiles from the pretenders. Time for a joy ride.

Which company was founded by a Swiss race car driver?

Chevy was founded by the Swiss race car driver and engineer Louis-Josef Chevrolet. Funny enough, he never owned the company!

Which company sports a bowtie emblem?

Chevy is famous for its bowtie emblem. It first appeared in 1914. Legend has it that one of the creators of Chevrolet saw the pattern on the wallpaper of a Paris hotel, but that legend is not true.

Which company has had several different logos?

Dodge is famous for having many different logos in its time. The most famous one is the ram's head with the curving horns.

Which produced the Viper?

Dodge came out with the Viper concept car in 1989. It was the first car of the "New Dodge" strategy. There were two versions of the monster car.

Which is a division of Chrysler?

Dodge is a division of Chrysler. When they were having a rough period in the '70s, they required government funding to keep from going bankrupt.

Whose first model was the Classic Six?

Chevy's first model was the Classic Six. This first model was not successful, but they persevered. In 1917, the Classic Six joined the GM lineup of cars.

Which started producing minivans in 1924?

Chevy began producing minivans in 1924. This was the same year that the General Motors testing ground began service.

Which produced the Sport Roadster in 1932?

Chevy came out with its famous Sport Roadster in 1932. The car cost a mere $445, which was a lot of money at the time.

Who paved the way for extended length SUVs?

Chevrolet really paved the way for extended length SUVs. The Chevrolet Suburban Carryall came about in 1935.

Which company was founded by brothers Horace and John?

Dodge was founded by the Dodge brothers, Horace and John, in 1900. They were from Detroit, Michigan.

Who sold parts to Oldsmobile?

Dodge is not just famous for making automobiles, but also producing parts at the Dodge factory. Oldsmobile used Dodge-made one-cylinder engines.

Who partnered with Ford?

Dodge had a famous partnership with Ford Motor Co. In 1904, John Dodge actually became one of the five executive directors for Ford Motor Co.

Which company discontinued civilian cars during WWII?

Chevy and Dodge are famous for discontinuing production for the civilian market in 1942. They made a tremendous contribution to the war with military vehicles and equipment.

Who created the 48 Spilemaster Sinks?

In 1948, Chevy created its first sports car, the 48 Spilemaster Sinks. It represented the company's factory team at the Indianapolis 500.

Who provided the first affordable automatic transmission?

Chevy offered the first affordable automatic transmission in 1950. The Powerglide was a two-speed automatic transmission. That was the same year the Chevrolet Bel Air came out.

Who produced aircraft engines during WWII?

Dodge not only contributed to the war effort, but they also were a top supplier of aircraft engines for the US Air Forces. They produced 18-cylinder Cyclone engines for the Boeing B-29 bomber.

Who produced the Power Wagon?

The Dodge Power Wagon was a famous four-wheel-drive pickup. It was so successful that it was produced for military and civilian use.

Who made the Wayfarer, Meadowbrook and Coronet?

These were three famous models produced by Dodge after the World War II. This was part of an updated line of cars from 1949.

Which company had the first mass-produced sports car in the U.S.?

Chevy had the first mass-produced sports car in the US. The Chevrolet Corvette was introduced in 1953.

Which company has a legendary small-block engine?

Chevy is famous for their small-block engine, the Chevy V-8. This was introduced in 1955 and was one of the most successful in the company's history.

Whose most famous model came out in 1955?

The famous 1955 Chevrolet was one of the most successful cars in their history. It changed America's idea of a car.

Who produced the Bel Air Nomad?

The famous Bel Air Nomad was produced by Chevy. This car epitomized the American dream.

Who were parts producers before they were automobile producers?

Dodge was famous for producing parts, but they didn't produce a car till 1914. That was when the real legend began.

Who was involved in the creation of the Ford Model T?

Dodge famously had its hands in the production of the Ford Model T. This was one of the most influential cars of the 20th century.

Who produced the Model 30?

The Dodge Model 30 was an improved version of the Ford Model T. It included a 3-speed transmission and a 35 hp 3.5 litter engine.

Which company produced the Impala?

The Chevy Impala was produced in 1958. This was a full-sized car that instantly became a best-seller.

Who produced the Sting Ray?

Chevy produced the Corvette Sting Ray in 1963. It was considered the fastest and most beautiful vehicle of its time.

Who produced the Camaro?

Chevy produced the Camaro in 1967. It made up 10% of all Chevy sales the year that it was introduced.

Which was the first U.S. company to found an assembly factory in the U.K.?

Dodge was the first U.S. auto company to found a factory in Europe. In 1922, they opened an assembly factory in London.

Which is known as being a muscle car brand?

Today, Dodge is famous for being a strong muscle car brand. This reputation was earned in the '60s.

Who produced the Blazer K?

In 1969, Chevy released the SUV Blazer K. This was bigger, roomier and more powerful than its competitors.

Who had the slogan “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ________”?

“Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” became an advertising motto for Chevy. The brand was immensely popular from 1950-1970.

Who's famous for off-road vehicles?

Chevy is famous for their off-road vehicles. In the late 20th century, their SUVs were popular all over the world.

Frederick Haynes served as president of which company?

Frederick Haynes served as president of Dodge after the Dodger brothers passed away. During his time, the Model 30 evolved to become the Series 116.

Who created the Challenger and Charger?

The Dodge Challenger and Charger were incredibly popular in the 1960s and 1970s. These were known for their powerful V-8 engines with three double Six Pack carburetors.

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