Which US City Best Fits Your Personality?

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Are you meant to be wearing shades on the beach or hopping from one live music venue to another? We've got the spot that's just right for who you really are.

Would you consider yourself to be a hipster?

Do you feel like you fit better in a big city or a small rural town?

Which geographic feature fits you the best?

How important is great live music to you?

Would you say that you're more liberal or conservative?

Are you a people-person or are you happier on your own?

Do you fit best in a place with all four seasons or one where it is warm all the time?

Which activity sounds most appealing to you?

Would you consider yourself to be an artistic person?

Which kind of restaurant sounds most enticing to you?

Do you generally have your head in the clouds or your feet firmly planted on the ground?

What pace of life do you feel most comfortable with?

Which adult beverage fits your style the best?

Which style of dress matches yours the closest?

Which kind of music best matches your lifestyle?

Which primal element best matches your personality?

Which style of shoes best matches your personality?

Which season of the year are you at your best?

Which animal would you say is the best fit for your personality?

Which vehicle best matches up with who you are?

How stressful would you say your life is?

Which movie best matches who you really are?

How into modern technology are you?

Do you do most of your holiday shopping online or in stores?

Do you enjoy stargazing?

If your life story was made into a book, what genre would it best fit into?

What time do you usually get up in the morning?

What's the highest level of education you have received?

Are you more organized or sloppy?

Which modern U.S. president is most your style?

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