Which Unusual Navy Job Should You Have?

Zoe Samuel

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The Navy is one of the most impressive machines in the history of warfare. It doesn't just secure U.S. borders, it also secures waterways literally on the other side of the planet that are many days away from the nearest base or friendly shore. Without the American Navy, it's entirely probable that world trade would become so much more expensive due to piracy, tariffs and lack of security, that economies all over the planet would take a huge hit. It's an essential task and much of it is pretty thankless.

The glory that does come the Navy's way is usually reserved for the most visible members: the pilots, the captains, the able seamen. The people who enforce the rules, break the codes, maintain the ships and cook the thousand loaves a day required to keep an aircraft carrier operating (for real) rarely make headlines, even though they are absolutely pivotal to helping their more-lauded colleagues in making waves of both the literal and public relations kinds. The Navy also has its PR wing, to make sure that we hear what our heroes are up to, and perhaps smooth over some of their less brilliant moments.

Where do you belong in this fine organization? Let's find out!

Do you keep cool no matter what?

Are you good at math?

How good of a hand-to-hand fighter are you?

Do you love to read?

Are you good at photography?

Can you keep a secret?

Do you love to work with your hands?

How do you feel about other branches of the military?

What's your typing speed in words per minute?

Do you play well with others?

How important is the truth?

Do you trust the public to understand the mission?

Are you a natural storyteller?

What do you plan to do after the military?

Where would you most like to be deployed?

Did you go to college before the military?

Will you go to college after the military?

How much do you think about the military's purpose in the world?

How important is it to you that local people know what the U.S. military is doing in their nation's waters?

Do you like to be alone?

How nerdy are you?

Do you mind having to repeatedly explain what you do?

Do you need attention for what you do?

Do you plan to make a lot of money later on?

How indispensable do you intend to be to your unit?

Which is your favorite World War II battle?

What kind of ship do you want to work on?

Do you know how to be careful with equipment?

Are you a good shot?

How analytical are you?

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