Which Underrated Fierce Woman From History Are You?

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One of the great tragedies of history is not so much that the winners write it: it's that it's written by the literate and leisurely: that is, people with enough time to sit around writing it all down and enough education to be able to do so. Until the last 100 to 200 years, that meant men overwhelmingly wrote it. And since men have historically had more power than women that means that men have tended not to have to relay the stories of women's deeds as much as the other way around, or as they do to the tales of those who look like them. The upshot of all this is that many thousands upon thousands of women lived great lives, starting businesses, standing up to oppressors, inventing new things, and writing splendid literature: and we only ever hear about a small fraction of the greatness achieved by only a small fraction of these women.

Fortunately, we're doing more to learn about them these days, and that means little girls and boys will soon be able to grow up knowing more about who came before them, irrespective of their gender. Let's see which of these unsung or perhaps, under-sung titans of industry, literature, science, and politics you resemble the most.

How detail-obsessed are you?

Would you stand up to your parents?

Are you curious?

Are you practical?

Can you work the internal politics of a large organization?

How hard did you have to work to get your partner to see the value of the genders as equal?

Are you a good abstract thinker?

How is your emotional intelligence?

How patriotic are you?

How will your legacy live on?

What is your highest calling?

Will your good work involve many others?

Will your work spread far from your narrow field?

Will there be enough time to do everything you want to do?

Do you like to know how things work?

How is your "macro" perspective?

How unwilling are you to give up?

How large is your library?

Do you work well as part of a team?

Do you buy into traditional ideas of beauty?

Are you good with numbers?

How intellectual are you?

Do you like to experiment?

Can you relate to the common man or woman?

Are you better with people or inanimate objects?

How clear is your judgement?

How often are you frustrated by other people?

Did you go into your profession because you thought you could do a better job?

Would you be willing to toil in relative obscurity to achieve your dream?

Is wealth a dream of yours?

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