Which Underrated Cat Breed Are You?

Ian Fortey

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The world would be a much weirder and lonelier place without cats in it.  From their humble beginnings as mousers to their elevation to spiritual beings in some cultures to Garfield and his lasagna, our history with felines has been long and extremely interesting.  Cats have traveled around the globe at our sides. They live in our homes and provide companionship and inspiration.  What other animal but a cat could take up residence in a pet store or a bodega as hundreds of strangers come in and out every day?  What else but a cat could put up with humans that work outside the house all day long and not even bat an eye when they come home, but later curl up in your lap to show their appreciation that you remembered to put food out?

It's no fluke we've adopted cats as one of the very few animals we keep in our homes with us, free to roam the property as they see fit. They're little bundles of personality that just make life better.  But have you ever wondered how you'd adapt to life in their world? Could you live life as a cat, do you think?  What kind of cat would you even be?  Lucky for you, we have a team of cat experts over here.  Answer a few simple questions for us and we'll look deep into your inner cat, and discover the underrated breed of cat that's just clawing at the door to get out.

If you were planning a big vacation for the summer, where might you be going?

Which fast food restaurant is the most delicious in your opinion?

You're hosting the holidays at your home this year. What's the plan?

If you could have any kind of car in the world, what would you get?

What's the one show on Netflix you can't wait to watch?

What do you like to do the moment you get home from a long day at work?

What's the most comfortable place in the house that isn't your bed?

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What's your single favorite article of clothing in your whole wardrobe?

What's your typical greeting when a friend comes over and you meet them at the door?

If you're heading out to see a movie, what genre are you most likely to check out?

If you were going to play a board game with friends, what would be your first choice?

If you're out on the town and ordering a drink at the bar, what'll you have?

What do you like to do on a Friday night?

What author are you most likely to read next time you pick up a book?

What's the best way to spend a hot summer day when you don't have to work?

Suppose it's a frosty cold winter's day. What will you do with your time?

This is a very important question - what do you need to have on a pizza?

How would you handle the situation if you ever got lost in the woods?

What's the best part about visiting a small town?

How well do you deal with confrontation?

Do people often come to you looking for your advice?

Do you have any kind of rigid and specific bathing routine?

Do you enjoy cooking meals for other people?

What would you do to pass the time if the power went out in your place at night?

If you're out at a restaurant, would people say you're a good tipper?

What's the absolute best snack you can get at a movie theater?

What would you do if someone stole a parking space from you?

On a Sunday morning, what are you most likely to be doing?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered if we're alone in the universe?

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