Quiz: Which Underrated American Hero Are You?
Which Underrated American Hero Are You?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: David Kozlowski / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The word hero likely means different things to different people. In general, though, we expect a hero to be someone who is selfless. A hero is the kind of person who puts the well-being of others at the forefront of their thoughts. They may risk their lives or they may just be interested in improving lives, but a hero is out to change the way the world works for the benefit of others.  While it's true that many heroes are people like law enforcement officers or firefighters who risk life and limb to help people, there are other kinds.  Many underrated heroes have cropped up through history, whose actions have had a profound impact on how our lives played out whether we knew it or not.

In honor of those heroes that don't always get all the credit they deserve, why not take this quiz and answer a few questions about the kind of person you really are on the inside?  Then we'll do our best to match you to someone from our own history that, even if you never heard their name before, definitely deserves some recognition for their heroic contributions to the history of America.  Want to know who you'll be?  Take the quiz and find out!

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