Quiz: Which UK City Should You Live In?
Which UK City Should You Live In?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

If you have a list of cities that you would like to live in, there have to be at least a couple in the UK that might make you want to move. Which UK city is best for you?

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How often do you like to go out on the town?

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How would your friends describe you?

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Which sport do you like to watch?

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Which sport would you participate in?

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What type of music might you dance to?

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How good at rugby would you be?

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How important is it for you to make a lot of money?

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Do you tend to be quiet and reserved?

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How long would you hang out at the beach?

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When do you usually go to bed?

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How often do you go out and sit at a bar alone?

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Someone just cut you off in traffic, what do you do?

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What is your favorite part of New York City?

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Which slang word would you pick?

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