Quiz: Which Ugly '70s Car Matches Your Personality?
Which Ugly '70s Car Matches Your Personality?
By: Ryan Choate
Image: Klubovy/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Some define the '70s as a decade of bad taste. This attitude firmly describes the auto industry during this era. With disjointed lines and unpractical shapes with hideous paint colors and interior design, car designers of the '70s have been labeled as dreadful for years. Though art and aesthetics are often subjective, when it comes to ugly cars, you know it when you see it. These ugly cars have carved out a nitch in both pop culture and comedic lore with a fleet of hideous rolling abominations to the auto industry.

When hearing names like Pinto and Gremlin, most people immediately conjure an image of an unsightly clunker that should never have been created. While affordable, the Pinto was an actual rolling gas tank explosion waiting to happen. The Pinto had a reputation for being particularly susceptible to crumbling upon impact with a likely chance the gas tank could ignite. It may be the overall worst design of a car in the history of autos. 

Not all ugly '70s cars were unsightly compact drabby cars. The '70s were the heyday of the muscle car, but even the powerful high-performance engines couldn't escape the caustic hand of the car designers. Pop the clutch on this quiz, and we'll guess what ugly '70s car matches your personality!

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Complex problems can be frustrating for some people. How do you approach a complex problem?

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Which of these unexpected colors would you pick for a car?

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Most people have something they collect. What is in your collection?

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Your co-workers are going out for a drink after work. Do you go with them?

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How would you describe yourself?

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Who would you describe as your personal hero?

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