Which Type of Dance Should You Learn?

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You've been thinking about picking up a new hobby. Look no further! With your answers, we'll be able to tell you the perfect dance for you to learn. Put on your dancing shoes, and quiz on!

Is dancing your hidden talent?

What kind of music makes you want to dance most?

How would you learn a new dance?

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

What sort of shoes would you wear to a dance lesson?

Have you ever taken dancing lessons?

Would you consider going on a show like "Dancing with the Stars?"

Why do you want to learn a new dance?

Which celebrity would you like to have as a dance partner?

Which form of dance do you think looks most intimidating?

How often do you go out dancing?

Once you learn a new dance, where will you show it off?

Are you in good shape?

Which famous dancer do you know the most about?

Which song would you use for a dance performance?

Who would go to a dance class with you?

Which pop singer do you think has the best dance moves?

What would you wear to a dance lesson?

How would you rate your level of coordination?

Would you invite your coworkers to a dance recital?

Which "America's Got Talent" judge do you think is most talented?

What will you gain from learning a new dance?

Which party dance do you know?

Do you try a lot of new things?

Would you ever try out for a musical?

Do you know any moves from Michael Jackson's "Thriller"?

Which word best describes the way you carry yourself?

Which character from "How I Met Your Mother" would you like to slow dance with?

Did you dance at your prom?

Would you ever like to learn breakdancing?

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