Quiz: Which TV Show Do You Belong on Based on Your Candy Choices?
Which TV Show Do You Belong on Based on Your Candy Choices?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: ThomasVogel / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

You may not admit it, but everyone has a favorite candy. On Halloween, when you see that one particular candy shining through all the rest in your collection, you want nothing more than to eat it right then and there. When you're at a vending machine, what is the candy that you want to go for, but know you should pick something a little healthier? Television shows are the same way. You have that go-to show that you always turn to when you need comforting or background noise. Seen the same show 100 times? No judgment here. Believe it or not, these choices say a lot about you. 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be on your favorite tv show? The wardrobe, the hair and makeup, the food, oh my! Just think of everything you could accomplish if you could skip school with no repercussions and take vacations with your friends as teenagers with no parental supervision. Whether you would want to be an actor in the show, or literally just live the life of the TV characters, there's a show that fits everyone.

Well, there's good news! All you have to do is choose some candy and we can guess which TV show you belong on. 

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