Which TV Duo Are You and Your BFF?

Image: Collage; Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, Sam and Dean Winchester, Claire and Phil Dunphy

About This Quiz

There are so many classic duos on television because the love between BFFs is inspirational and supportive, something we all look for in real life. Find out which TV duo you and your BFF are in this quiz!

Do you guys ever hang out with anyone else?

If your friend was sick, how would you help them?

Would you live with your BFF?

What are you guys doing at the bar?

Would you leave your kids with your BFF for vacation?

Which show do you binge watch together?

What did your BFF get you for your birthday?

If your BFF got an award, would you go to the ceremony?

How do you guys celebrate summer holidays together?

Which snack do you and your BFF love to share?

Which actor would you choose to play your BFF in a show about your life?

What is something that you keep from your best friend?

Would you bail your BFF out of jail?

Would you let your BFF give you a haircut?

Which game do you play on game night?

What does your mother think of your BFF?

What kind of souvenir do you pick up for your BFF while on vacation?

How frequently do you accidentally wear the same outfit?

If your BFF texts you "I need you," what is your response?

Which classic movie saga is your go-to for movie night?

Which movie did you and your BFF go see recently?

Where do you guys meet for dinner after work?

Which place do you and your BFF want to visit the most?

What would you do if your BFF got their dream job but had to move across the country?

Which online account do you share with each other?

What mischief do you get up to on a Friday night?

Which book do you and your BFF bond over?

Would you get a matching tattoo with your BFF?

How much of your BFF's dating life do you know?

What is the force that keeps you together?

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