Which Truck Are You?

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All vehicles have distinct personalities, but we develop few relationships with vehicles quite like we do with trucks. Trucks are our closest work colleagues, our road trip companions, our spare storage, sometimes even our workshops (depending on the size of your truck's bed). Trucks fill more roles today than ever before, with interiors that are not just comfortable but sometimes downright luxurious,  While we may have been kidding ourselves about how nice trucks were in the 1970s or 1980s, today's trucks are about as nice as most executive sedans, and drive better, too. Still, the truck brands manage to differentiate themselves so we don't get bored.

Some truck brands are known for specific technologies that allow their trucks to behave certain ways on- or off-road. Some trucks are designed for specific kinds of situations, like when hill-starts are common. or for hauling specific loads, which implies specific kinds of drivers doing specific jobs. Beyond the major brands and their models come trim levels where trucks can be further personalized, and then there's the after-market for parts and upgrades the major builders never intended or imagined. Into this maelstrom we will go, and with a few questions about you, we will distill your qualities into a single truck. Take this quiz and find out what truck you are!

How do you deal with difficulty when driving a screw?

How do you make a job bid more competitive?

What's the least valuable thing you'd always leave in your truck?

What's the thing you most often forget to bring with you when you leave home?

What feeling does the word "retirement" inspire?

What activity wears you out the most?

How do you typically find work?

To which of the following people are you closest?

Where did you learn the most important skills you have?

How do you make major purchase decisions?

How would you remove a tree stump from your front yard?

What would you do to prepare one of your children for the college entrance exams?

Which of these sports would you most enjoy playing?

What's the first step of planning a vacation abroad?

Other than the basics, which of these tools can't you leave home without?

What do you need to fix a broken cabinet?

What do you do to relax?

What one word would you use to describe yourself if you had to write a one-word resume?

What do you do to improve your performance at work?

How would you spend an unexpected windfall?

How would you deal with a beloved jacket that busted a seam?

What kind of movie do you like the least?

What's your card game?

How do you freshen up at the end of the day?

Which of these is the best driving song?

Which is your favorite season?

How do you prefer to take notes?

In which expense is it worth really investing?

How would you dress for a promotion interview?

What's the first part of the paper you read in the morning?

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