Which Top Gear Host Are You, Based on Your Auto Opinions?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

You may not realize it, but "Top Gear" has been around several decades. It was canceled in the 1990s and brought back in the early 2000s as what is sometimes called "New Top Gear," which is the format the world is now familiar with. The show became a benchmark in automotive programming, stretching the reality show genre and the consumer product review genre, combining the two and creating something completely unique. The hosts changed over the years, and at one point the entire cast left the show, but the core idea of the show remains as it was. In fact, "Top Gear" spin-offs remain in countries all over the world.

Every host of "Top Gear" has had strong opinions. That is their job. What is interesting about the show, and gives it much of its chemistry, is that no two hosts feel quite the same way about the same things. In this way, we can all identify a bit with different hosts, but never completely with any of them.

... or can we? After quite a lot of time watching old episodes, we put together a new quiz, specifically designed to tease out which "Top Gear" host you are, based on your thoughts on the wonderful machines prowling our roadways. It's time to stream the song, Christine, because this week: you start this quiz ... we get your strongest opinions ... and tell you which "Top Gear" host you really are!

What is the defining trait of the Porsche brand?

What is the best value sports car ever?

How would you finish the sentence "American muscle cars are _______________"?

What is the worst car available for purchase today?

Where does the future of motoring lie?

If you had to cross the Sahara from west to east, what vehicle would you want for the ride?

Which small, current, German four-door is the best?

If you lived in a place with roads too narrow for regular cars, what would you use to get around?

If forced to ride a motorcycle, which one would you deign to accept?

What was the worst car ever made?

When did Ferrari go wrong?

What don't you like about cars from Japan?

What is the best sport-sedan available right now?

How much horsepower can you reasonably use on the road?

Why is the Cadillac CTS V-Sport tuned so it only accelerates quickly when it's already going at highway speeds?

Who makes the best SUVs?

If you could only own one category of car, what would it be?

What is the best car Ford ever made?

What GM product makes you smile the most?

What is the signature Fiat owner experience?

If you could curse your most hated enemy with having to drive one car for the rest of their lives, which of these would it be?

Which of these is the best "British roadster"?

What non-Italian car is the most Italian?

Which car would you take on a traditional grand tour of Europe?

Which American car would be best for a road trip across the USA?

Which car would you want if you had to go on a covert mission in Russia?

What kind of minivan would make the best armored, amphibious troop transport?

What small alteration would make the most boring executive sedans more fun to drive?

In which of these cars would you feel least safe?

What car would you daily drive?

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