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Being the oldest sibling can be a rough road, especially if your brothers or sisters don't particularly care about you. As luck would have it, Tina Belcher, the oldest sibling on "Bob's Burgers," doesn't seem to have that problem. Even though she has an amazing support system through her younger siblings and parents, we wouldn't say that Tina doesn't have a care in the world. She still has to navigate school, relationships and situations as best as she can, which usually results in an awkwardness that all of us can relate to.

With a character like Tina Belcher, writers could have taken the easy way out, making her the "typical" teen with a perfect life. However, it is her fierceness and self-acceptance that make her one of the best teens written into a series in a while. Instead of trying to be someone else, Tina is unapologetically herself, still embracing her childhood with her love of the Equestrinauts as well as her ability to trick or treat while staring over the horizon of becoming an adult, albeit regrettably. This gave her an additional depth that other fictional teens don't have, making her a breath of fresh air to those of us who adore cartoons. 

With so many facets to Tina's personality, it is understandable that there are .gifs out there for her. But which one is yours? Take your eyes off Jimmy Jr. and find out!

If it weren't for Tina's family, we're fairly certain she'd be a hotter mess than she is; how close are you with your family?

Eep! If someone found your erotic friend fiction and threatened to read it in front of the whole school, what would you do?

Which of these jobs that Tina Belcher has held would you want to have?

You're on a date with Jimmy Junior; where are you going?

What do you think of Tammy, Tina's frenemy?

How would you celebrate your 13th birthday?

If your crush decided to take someone else out to dinner on Valentine's Day, what would you do?

When you were in school, which of these pubescent issues did you deal with?

Tina was a Thunder Girl Scout; were you involved with the Boy or Girl Scouts?

Have you ever helped your siblings with a project?

Tina has a talent for meeting boys in the strangest places; which of these meeting places have you met someone you were interested in?

Which one of Tina's crushes is your favorite?

Everyone knows that Boyz 4 Now is the best band in the Belcher neighborhood; what boy band have you listened to?

When he wants to be, Jimmy Junior could be super romantic; which of these romantic settings would draw your attention?

Which of the Equestranauts is your favorite?

What zombie movie would you want to see with Tina?

When her favorite carousel was being torn down, Tina was bike locked to one of the horses in protest; what's the most you would do to protest a cause?

Just like any kid, Tina loves Halloween. Which one of her costumes would you wear?

If you were on a game show like "Family Fracas," what role would you have?

Would you say that you're competitive?

Tina became Dina by moving her barrette; have you ever given yourself a makeover?

Have you ever ridden a horse?

Which of Louise's get-rich-quick schemes would you participate in?

What would happen if you were expecting to babysit your siblings but found out you were being babysat as well?

When Tina wants to get the attention of a guy, she does a sexy hair flip; what is your way of showing them you're interested?

Who is going to win the competition between Bob and Jimmy Pesto?

If Louise asked you to lie about something, would you be able to do it?

Would you ever work with Mr. Frond?

Why do you like Tina Belcher?

According to Tina, Dr. Yap is the sexiest dentist to examine a mouth; do you enjoy going to the dentist?

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