Which Thrash Metal Song Is Really Your Theme Song?

Amanda Monell

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You're working at a job you tolerate, you make decent money and have pretty decent hours. Medical and other benefits are a perk, too. In your wallet, you hold a pair of tickets to one of your most favorite places on the face of the earth: a metal concert. Just like Disney World, metal concerts hold a bit of magic over the crowd that other shows only wish they can create. Part of it is because of the rawness of the music, but a considerable part of it is the crowd itself.

Even though metal music contains some of the most aggressive and primal sounds around, most listeners are the exact opposite. If they hear you like their music, you're welcomed into the fold, no questions asked. If it is your first time going into a metal concert, fans will offer new bands for you to appreciate when you leave. What we're trying to say is, when you join a flock of metalheads, there is no judgment, there's only family.  And with one of the most popular genres of metal being thrash, it would come as no surprise that the tune that turned you on is something with heavy guitar riffs and intense energy.

With all the different thrash metal songs out there, which one do you think is your anthem? Answer these questions and we'll let you know!

For any concert-goer, there are a few cardinal sins that shouldn't be committed. Which one of these are you guilty of?

One of the best things about the metal community is how welcoming they are to others. Who would you find the easiest to bring to a metal concert?

When Dimebag Darrell got murdered on stage in 2004, the whole rock world mourned. Which Pantera song is your favorite?

Just like finding true love, sometimes metal is discovered by the listener accidentally instead of introduced. How did you discover your love of metal?

When you're not at a show, how do you represent your love for metal?

Metal comes from all over the world. Which of these locations would you like to visit?

Let's admit it; everyone who listens to music has their favorite part of the band to watch. What role would you play in a band?

If you're not listening to metal, what kind of music do you enjoy?

When it comes to metal, Ronnie James Dio was known as the man who brought the devil's horns to metal. Which one of his bands have you listened to?

If you want to listen to an artist native to Australia, AC/DC is a great band to choose. What one of their hits is your favorite?

Mascots come and go, but for Iron Maiden, Eddie the Head has lurked on their albums for about 40 years now. What Iron Maiden song is your favorite?

Drum solos can be either a good time to get a drink or a way to study a master and his craft. Which camp to you fall into?

Many music lovers once played an instrument themselves. Have you ever played a musical instrument?

You're getting ready to go to your first metal concert. How do you feel?

How old were you when you attended your first concert?

Sometimes when people walk into a room, you could tell what kind of music they listen to. Would people be able to tell you're a metalhead?

If you were on a date and found out that they didn't like music, what would you do?

When you tell your significant other that you scored two tickets to your favorite metal band's concert, what do they do?

Pregaming time! Which of these foods do you eat before heading to the show?

A few days before the concert, you find out that it was canceled because of an injury to a band member. What do you do?

When it comes to metal, the vocals carry as much weight as the instruments being played. Who has the best singing voice?

Even though many metal bands are populated by men, the ladies are able to hold their own as well. Which of these female fronted bands have you listened to?

For those who are nostalgic, keeping ticket stubs from concerts they've been to is a way to relive memories. How many stubs do you have?

Bands make a ton of money off of merchandise at concerts. When you shop, which of these items would you get?

If you're a music nut and want to show it to others that visit your home, you'd be surprised at what other fans make to pay tribute to their bands. What would you have in your house?

When he got fired from Metallica, Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth that ended up making two different fan bases. Which side are you on, Team Metallica or Team Megadeth?

Concert security is the worst! Which of these items have you smuggled into a show?

Ticket prices are usually insanely high for a good venue. Have you ever purchased tickets from a scalper?

When you're getting ready to go to a concert, which of these items are you usually wearing?

When you go to a rock concert, do you spend more time experiencing the moment or do you spend more time recording the moment with your phone?

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