Which of These Two Countries Is Older?

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There are nearly 200 countries around the world, some over 1,000 years old while others are barely older than your parents. Test your country savvy with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

Which of these countries is older?

Egypt unified for the first time in 3100 BC. The United States of America became a country after declaring independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.

___________ was founded first.

New Zealand, which originally belonged to Great Britain, gained dominion status in 1907. Afghanistan first acquired sovereignty in 3200 BC.

Which country was founded first?

The Ottoman Empire was founded as the Turkish state in 1299. Norway unified for the first time in 872.

Which country is older?

Vietnam has existed since 2879 BC with periods of occupation by the Chinese, Japanese and French. Venezuela declared independence from Spain in 1811.

Which country is older?

The Kingdom of Belgium was established in 1830, though it has been occupied by Nazi Germany, ruled by other countries, and parts of it have belonged to Spain and Austria. Japan became a unified state in 400.

Mexico is __________ than Italy.

Mexico started to fight for its independence from Spain in 1810. Italy unified in 1861.

Which country was founded first?

The Kingdom of Israel unified for the first time around 1000 BC and was under Byzantine, Crusader, Ottoman, British and various other rules before gaining independence in 1948. Spain was unified completely by 1512.

Which country is older?

Hungary was founded as a principality in 895. Argentina became independent of Spain in 1810.

Switzerland was founded _________ Canada.

Switzerland was founded as the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1291. Canada gained dominion status from the United Kingdom in 1867.

Which country is older?

The Bahamas gained complete independence from The United Kingdom in 1973. The formation of Morocco began with the beginning of the Idrisid dynasty in 789.

Which of these countries is older?

The Khmer Empire, which was the predecessor state of Modern Cambodia, was founded in 802. The Treaty of Verdun established West Francia, which would become France, in 843

Australia is ______________ than Greece.

Greece was founded in 800 BC and has been occupied by Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. Australia was a part of the British Empire until 1901.

Which country came first?

Cuba was a colony of Spain and then annexed by the US. It became its own country in 1902. The emperor Bharata united India in 2000 BC, which went through numerous empires and rulers before becoming independent from the UK in 1974.

Which country is older?

The Icelandic Commonwealth was formed in 930. South Africa gained dominion status from the UK in 1910.

Singapore is _________ than Germany.

After a tumultuous past occupied by the UK and Japan and a brief joining with Malaysia, Singapore became its own country in 1965. Germany unified in 1871.

Which of these countries is older?

Sri Lanka unified in 377 BC. It has been ruled by Indian Kingdoms, the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Niger became independent of French control in 1960.

Which country came first?

Nepal unified in 1768 and has not been conquered or ruled by another entity since. Portugal has been a country since 1139.

Which of these countries is older?

Peru was a Spanish colony before becoming independent in 1821. Pakistan was previously under Mughal and British rule before becoming independent in 1947.

Which country came first?

San Marino gained independence from the Roman Empire in 301. The US declared independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Somalia came ____________ Japan.

Somalia formed as the Somali city-states in 200 BC. Japan became a unified state in 400 AD.

Which country is older?

Kenya was under British rule for under a century before becoming independent in 1963. Laos formed in 1354.

Which country came first?

Mali began as the Mali Empire in roughly 1230. Paraguay became independent in 1876.

Which of these countries is older?

Russia began with the start of the Rurik dynasty in 860. America declared independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Saudi Arabia came ____________ Australia.

Saudi Arabia became independent in 1744 as the First Saudi State. Australia, initially a penal colony of Great Britain, became an independent in 1901.

Which country came first?

Barbados became an entity separate from Great Britain in 1966. China has been The People's Republic of China since 1949.

Costa Rica is _________ than Luxembourg.

Costa Rica had been a part of Mexico and colony of Spain before 1821. Luxembourg formed in 1815.

Which country is older?

Malaysia became independent of the UK in 1957. The Netherlands became independent of Spain in 1581.

Which country came first?

Nigeria became independent of the UK in 1960. India united for the first time in 2000 BC.

Egypt is ____________ than Portugal.

Egypt was unified by the Pharaoh Menes in 3100 BC. Portugal began in 1139.

Which country is older?

Afghanistan formed in 3200 BC. Previously under the control of Spain, Bolivia has been its own country since 1825.

Which country came first?

France began in 843. Rwanda, previously under the control of Belgium, became independent in 1962.

Mongolia is __________ than Zimbabwe.

What would become Mongolia began in 209 BC. Zimbabwe, originally a British colony, became independent in 1965.

Which country is older?

The Ottoman Empire began in 1299 as the Turkish State. Uganda broke out of British control in 1962.

Which of these countries came first?

Portugal was founded in 1139. Italy did not unify until 1861.

Poland is ________ than Brazil.

Polish tribes unified to form Poland in 960. Brazil began as a Portuguese colony and became an independent state in 1822.

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