Which of the Four Horsemen Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: The Movie DB

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So you like magic tricks? There are many manners of magic performance out there, and magicians tend to specialize. In the "Now You See Me" franchise, each protagonist has their own specialty. Who would you be?

What is your favorite magic trick?

What is your least favorite magic trick?

What old-timey magician do you look up to?

What late 20th century magician do you look up to?

What kinds of props do you prefer?

Is there anything you do that amateur magicians could also do?

What is your favorite magic book?

Do you use gaffs?

How good are you when it's too loud to hear you speak?

Are you only really good on stage?

Would you be any good at a kids' show?

Would your act be appropriate at a wedding?

If you were a straight up criminal, what kind would you be?

Could you do an all-card act?

Could you do a propless show?

What other theatrical art would you compare your act to?

What modern day conjurer is most like you?

Would you stoop to using electronics?

How do you feel about gender roles in magic?

How much stuff do you need to bring with you on tour?

Do people think your magic is real?

Which superhero do you feel is a bit like your on stage persona?

Which of the biblical four horsemen do you identify with?

Which is better, a psychological technique, a gaff, or a move?

Have you ever done magic that isn't a trick?

How do you leave audiences feeling?

What magic society are you a part of?

Are you ambitious about your place in magic society?

Is your magic more for magicians or for lay people?

In the real world, would your act be any good?

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