Which of the Founding Fathers Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: Collage; Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton

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The Founding Fathers were an endlessly fascinating group of men, full of contradictions. From slave owners who fought for liberty to Puritans who smoked cannabis and drank alcohol. Above all, these were real people. Which one of them are you?

Were you born to wealth and or privilege?

How well known are you?

Do you have a nice audience?

How are you commemorated?

Were you a natural warrior?

Were you a good teacher of the art of war?

What notable thing did you do other than be a fighter?

Were you known as a frontline fighter?

What's the most exotic language you could speak?

What was your preferred weapon?

What branch of the modern military would you enlist in?

Did you own slaves?

How much do you conform to the rugged individualist idea of what an American is supposed to be?

Were you self made?

How well traveled are you?

What will be named after you?

How would you have dealt with the Confederate States of America if you were in Abraham Lincoln's shoes?

What's your life expectancy?

Would you recognize the USA of today?

Would you have supported American Revolution had Parliament given the United States its due seats?

How do you feel about foreign entanglements?

What should be the primary aim of government?

What would be your profession, were you not involved in government?

What would have happened to you if the American Revolutionary War didn't occur?

Which modern President do you most admire?

Which modern war would you have agreed with most readily?

Where did you get your education?

What did your enemies think of you?

Do you have many friends?

How essential were you to the revolution?

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