Quiz: Which Technology Came First?
Which Technology Came First?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Can you imagine civilization without bridges, railroads ... or the Internet? Human society is forever changed by various important technologies, but can you name which tech came first?

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Which fundamental concept did humans master first?
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Which sizzling technology came first?
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Which of these transformative inventions came first?
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Which of these amazing technologies arrived first?
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Which basic invention came first?
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Which of these technologies shook human society first?
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Which watery technology came first?
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Which food-critical technology arrived first?
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Which industrial technology came first?
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Which technological marvel came first?
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Which major 20th-century tech came first?
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Which of these useful technologies arrived first?
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Which amazing high-speed technology first revved up humanity?
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Which sky-centric technology soared first?
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Which major agricultural innovation arrived first?
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Toilets and cell phones go together like ham and cheese, but which came first?
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Which fundamental construction material first changed civilization?
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Which of these transformative technologies was first?
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Which amazing invention came first?
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Which critical metal did humans first master?
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Which technology began alleviating hardship first?
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Which basic technology arrived first to human society?
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Which miraculous medicine came first?
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Which iconic communications tech first hit human society?
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Which health invention first changed medicine?
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Which major technology was first invented?
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Both of these relatively new inventions altered the course of humanity. Which came first?
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Which transformative technology first altered humanity?
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Which type of engine first altered the mechanization of mankind?
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Which amazing technology-driven era happened first?
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