Which Superhero Movie Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Sameena Mughal

Image: Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment/Laura Ziskin Productions

About This Quiz

Superhero movies are fun for all of us. We go to watch them use their superpowers, defeat villains and save the world from inevitable destruction. We connect to them because of their bravery and larger-than-life personalities. They make us laugh. They make us gasp. They make us stand up and cheer.

Like anyone else who amazes us, we want to know what they do when they are not saving people, animals, themselves, and the world. We want to know what they're doing when they're not being their fabulous superhero selves. We want to know who their friends are, who they love. Everybody loves a power couple. Superhero couples are next level power couples. We like watching them commit their glorious feats and then come back to each other. Some of them have powers that make being close to someone a challenge. We are excited to watch them make it work, all while saving the day!

Do you ever see yourself as a superhero? Do you like the idea of taking on the world and anything else that comes your way? What about your significant other? Do you ever see yourselves as a superhero power couple? Answer our questions and see which superhero couple could join you on a double date! Enjoy!

What's your ultimate date night?

When you're not saving the world, what do you like to do as a couple?

What's your favorite superpower?

What's your alter ego?

When fighting bad guys, what's your weapon of choice?

If you didn't have to fight them, with what villain would you be friends?

Which superhero should get more credit?

If you could trade places with a superhero, who would it be?

Where is your super dream home?

In what superhero vehicle would you like to take a moonlight ride?

In what superhero headquarters do you want to hang out?

What superhero trait do you and your significant other have in common?

What superhero world would you like to visit?

What pop song describes your relationship?

What food is your arch enemy?

With what superhero animal would you want to go to battle?

How much sleep do you need to take on the world?

Are anniversaries important to you?

What's your worst fear?

Have you stayed friends with an ex?

What's your significant other's best quality?

What would your significant other say is your best quality?

With which Avenger would you like to do a couple's vacation?

Who would you fight: King Kong or Godzilla?

On movie night, what kind of movie are you watching together?

In your friend circle, what are you and your partner known as: the funny couple, the adventurous couple, the athletic couple, or the romantic couple?

What is your No. 1 couple goal?

What love quote fits you?

What's your favorite place for romance?

What's your couple style?

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