Which Street Food Destination Matches Your Personality?

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There's something about street food that's satisfying on a level you can't get with the food you prepare yourself or even food from a typical restaurant. There's an authenticity to street food, a realness that doesn't have the veneer and polish of restaurant food but has more flair and excitement than dishes you make yourself. Street food has a reputation, a feeling that you just can't get anywhere else. It's genuine and delicious and speaks to the heart of the city from which it was born. 

For years street food had a maligned reputation in some circles. People looked down their noses at it as though it wasn't as respectable as "real" restaurant food. That was until people started giving it the respect and recognition it deserved. The fact is street food is made to be delicious. It's not pretentious, overdone, ostentatious, or factory-produced and processed. It's what you sometimes crave when you have no idea what you crave. 

Part of what makes street food amazing is that you can find it all around the world, in every city. The people who make it are using traditional recipes with creative flair, giving you food you'll never experience anywhere else. Street food is a completely valid reason for going on vacation because it's a unique experience all on its own. But which destination is the one for you? Let's find out!

There's street food for every meal out there. What time of day do you find yourself craving street food the most?

You know how sometimes you catch the scent of spices and it just sets your mouth watering? What seasoning has a scent that gets you craving more?

In a big city, you could have dozens of street food options. What's going to attract you most?

Two of the largest cities in the world are in Brazil so it shouldn't be any surprise they've mastered street food. What sounds most delicious?

The experience of eating is sometimes as satisfying as what you eat. What food is worth having especially if it's a big, messy portion that's going to get all over you?

When you're in the mood for something a little different, what country's cuisine is calling your name?

Odds are there are some countries whose cuisines you know little about. What country's cuisine would you like to know more about?

Tacos are one of the most popular street foods in America, but there's more to tacos than meets the eye. What kind would you want to order?

Noodles haven't caught on as street food in the Western world, but that's due for a change. What flavor do you crave in a noodle dish?

When you go on vacation, how do you figure out where the best street food is going to be?

Fast food is built on a mountain of hamburgers, but a well-made burger can be sublime. What burger variety is worth your time?

Head to Canada and the ultimate street food is poutine; hand-cut french fries topped with fresh cheese curds and brown gravy. But that's just the basic version. Which of the following is the best kind?

What was the first street food you can remember trying that you absolutely loved?

Miami is greatly underappreciated as a street food location but it has some incredible selections. What would you grab before hitting the beach?

Paris is often considered the most romantic city in the world, but it's also one of the greatest food destinations. Treat yourself to some of France's best street food!

For a long time Britain was considered to have a weak culinary scene but that's no longer the case. Which of these British favorites would you try?

Street food often works best when it's simply comfort food. What kind of comfort food are you a sucker for?

Half the work in a food truck is giving it the best name possible. Which one of these trucks would you visit based on the name alone?

Head down to Oaxaca, Mexico with us for a snack with a twist. You can't choose tacos! What will you order?

Ever been to Johannesburg? They have some amazing street food. What sounds most delicious to you?

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful counties in the world. To get the full experience you'll want to try at least one of these dishes, but which one first?

When you think of Italian cuisine no doubt images of a wood oven pizza and slow-cooked pasta sauce served over handmade capellini come to mind, but Palermo has some amazing street food, too. Which of these would you try?

A hot dog is the quintessential American street food from Chicago to New York to Houston. What would you top yours with?

It'd be bizarre to visit Saigon and not take in the local food scene because there's just so much of it. What dish is calling your name?

When it comes to exotic flavors and rich history, is there any place better than Istanbul? What food is going to entice you the most?

Russia often gets overlooked in the world culinary scene but Moscow has a ton of street food if you're looking to try something new. What will you try?

How likely are you to travel to a country if you're completely unfamiliar with that country's cuisine?

Many cities have streets or districts that are jam-packed with street food vendors. How do you decide which one you need to visit?

There are some flavors and ingredients and preparations that are almost universal. What do you know you can count on to be delicious in any part of the world?

What seems like the most iconic American street food of all? Oh, and no hot dogs.

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