Quiz: Which State Really Matches Your Personality?
Which State Really Matches Your Personality?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Carl Larson Photography/Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

We're sure that you know both your state and your personality like the back of your hand, but are you better suited to live somewhere else? After you give us all the details of your personality, your lifestyle, and the things that are important to you in a location, we'll let you know which state matches your personality the best. With 50 states from which to choose, it's important to get it right! 

As you travel through our questions, we will try to get to know you better than your last long-term partner. Every state has a little personality of its own, and it's only through seeing which traits pair up with your qualities that we'll be able to find the perfect state for you. Do you have more in common with Vermont, or are you fierier like an Arizona sunset? 

With every response you give us, you'll let us know more and more about you. Once we feel comfortable matching you with the state in which your personality belongs, we will reveal our findings. Whatever you do, do not pack up a moving truck and change your address before you see your results! There's a state out there that's perfect for you. Which one is it? 

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How would you describe your manners?
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Which US state sounds most interesting?
9 of 30
Which region of the US would you most like to visit?
10 of 30
Which word describes your sense of humor?
11 of 30
Which outdoor activity would you most enjoy?
14 of 30
What do your friends like most about you?
16 of 30
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In which high school group did you belong?
22 of 30
Which holiday is most fun?
25 of 30
Which board game could you win?
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Which day of the week is your most productive?
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