Which Starfleet Captain Are You?

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It's hard to believe "Star Trek" has been a part of pop culture since the 1960s! We've experienced the original crew with Captain Kirk on TV and then in cartoon form and later on the big screen not just in their familiar form but in a rebooted form, too. We met Captain Picard and a new generation of a crew, followed by a vastly different environment on space station Deep Space Nine. Then we got to experience a terrifying new part of space with the crew of the USS Voyager before heading back in time to meet Captain Archer and the crew of the very first USS Enterprise. All of that lead to the dark and fast-paced universe in which the crew of the Discovery exists.

With all that Trek to draw from, the Captains have really managed to set themselves apart as people with real and interesting personalities.  They approach problems with different tactics, and debating which one was best has become a Trekkie past time. But which one do you think is most like you? If you were tasked with helming a starship, who would you be most like? Grab yourself some Romulan ale and answer a few questions and we'll tell you!

A captain has to be cool under pressure. How are you handling a chance encounter with a Borg Cube?

What's the best way to relax when you have some R&R in space?

Starfleet seems to have a ton of humans, but which non-human Starfleet officer was your favorite?

What's the most underrated race in the whole galaxy who really deserve more screen time?

Aside from Enterprise, what was the coolest vessel in Starfleet?

What race is clearly the greatest enemy in the history of Starfleet?

Not every enemy has to represent a whole race. What individual baddie was the best in "Star Trek" history?

If Spock wasn't available, which Vulcan would you most want watching your back?

Some people are the only ones of their kind in Starfleet. Which lone member of their kind would you want on your crew?

What species besides humans clearly makes the best looking ships?

Klingons have gone through numerous redesigns since the 1960s. Which version was the best?

Some of the races in the "Star Trek" universe are absolutely terrifying. What race is the stuff of your nightmares?

"Star Trek" was about 80% serious, but they knew how to have a laugh sometimes, too. What was the funniest character or thing?

Which first officer was the best one in Starfleet?

No Starship is getting out of space dock without a good engineer on board. Who was the best in Starfleet?

If you had to trust your health to a Starfleet doctor, who would it be?

Who keeps your ship safe? The head of security does. Who did the best job running security?

What's clearly the coolest gadget aboard a starship?

Even a Captain needs a little guidance once in a while. Who had the best insight to share?

Space is pretty much infinite, so you need to organize it somehow. Which quadrant would you pick to hang out in?

If you were running a Holodeck program, what kind of program would it be?

Where would be the place you'd most like to grab a glass of Romulan ale in the Trek universe?

What underrated race of aliens would you never want to go head-to-head against in battle?

Sometimes the aliens in "Star Trek" are pretty much god-like. Which ones would you not want to tangle with?

What Trek couple had the best relationship?

Sometimes it's the low-ranking officers who really make the show. Who did you like most?

Which Trek movie featuring the original cast was the best of them all?

Which Trek movie that does not feature the original cast is the best of the best?

Every so often some really crazy tech shows up in "Star Trek." Which one was the coolest?

Who would have been the best captain out of all the officers who never got to that rank?

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