Which Sport Were You Born to Play?

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No doubt humans have been playing sports since the first time one caveman tried to kick a dinosaur skull past his buddy. It's in our nature to play games and compete and have fun doing it. Some sports never catch on that well which is why the Superbowl isn't threatened by lacrosse. Some sports transcend mere gaming though and become a cultural phenomenon, almost a part of our identity as a society. Just consider how important baseball is to the American identity, or how big soccer is all around the world. For some of us, sport is life! And while you can probably have fun playing any sport from badminton to field hockey there's probably one sport that rises above the others. One sport probably seems like it was made just for you. But which one is it?!?

You may think you know yourself better than anyone but sometimes you need a little help from outside. Sometimes you need to lay your soul bare in a quiz to find out if your dreams of making it in the big leagues are the real deal or if they need to be benched. So answer some questions for us and we'll tell you exactly what sport it is you were born to play.

No one's going to judge you based on your answer here. How important is winning?

The world is full of sports movies but only one can be the best! Which one of these is it?

What happens if you get picked last for a team?

Is there a city anywhere in the world you'd want to play for if you were a professional athlete?

Any athlete is going to have a coach yelling at them sometimes, do you think you can handle that?

Any physical activity demands hydration. What are you drinking out there?

If you just won a huge match, how do you think you'd celebrate?

Who do you think is the single greatest athlete of all time?

When it comes to losing, how well do you handle it?

If you're at home watching a game on TV, what's your go-to snack?

Do you prefer a game that has some danger to it or are you happier playing it safe?

Are you an indoor sports kind of person or an outdoor sports kind of person?

If you can't play some sports there are always board games. What's the best board game?

What do you think of those athletes whose ego seems to get bigger than their skill?

Athletes end up with some of the best nicknames ever, but who had the best nickname of all?

How much time do you need to rest between games anyway?

Do you have any idea what position you'd play in a Quidditch match?

You're playing a board game with your significant other. Are you going to take it easy on them?

There are a lot of upsides to being a world-class athlete. What's the best one?

It's Superbowl Sunday! What's your favorite part of the day?

This one is going to get a little controversial. They call video games e-sports. Do you think video gaming is a sport?

You're a professional athlete and that means sponsorships! What do you want to be out there hustling?

Are you super intense when you're playing or can you keep it cool?

Do you like to have a crowd of people watching you when you're playing your sport?

Not every competition is necessarily a sport. What's the coolest cooking competition on TV?

You need some hustle in almost any game, right? So how's your speed?

Think back to grade school. What did you dread doing the most in gym class?

If you have the chance to get all the glory are you taking it or can you share the moment with your teammates?

Can you even imagine a circumstance in which you'd throw a game on purpose?

Is there a sport that you just never managed to get into?

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