Which Southern City Matches Your Disposition?

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The American South is home to around 150 million people and many cities, each with its unique personality. Instead of thinking of the South as one monolithic entity, it should be regarded as a diverse land with something for everyone. Let's start with geography and climate. From the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast to the rocky Texas hill country, southern geography is as unique as the people who live there. So whether you are a beach person, an avid outdoors-man, or just a fan of staying in the city, you have a lot to pick from. 

The different cities also have their own character and pride, reflecting the disposition of those who live there. Houston is scrappy and entrepreneurial, with people from all over the world calling it home. Asheville is a mountain town that is home to artists, hippies and artisans. And of course, the food is great everywhere, though each region has its own specialties. In Texas, brisket is king while the Carolinas are hog heaven. Austin has world-class Mexican food while Dallas is home to some great Korean and Indian offerings. So think what you like to eat, how you like to act, and what you like to do. We will quiz you on your disposition and tell you what city you should pack up and move to.

You're cruising down your city streets. What dream car do you want to be driving?

You're planning a trip to Europe. Which city would you most like to visit?

Your co-worker gets a promotion you deserved more. What's your reaction?

It's time for a first date. How do you prepare?

What is a personality flaw you need to work on?

Sports are big in southern culture. What's your favorite?

Are you more of a small town or big city kind of person?

Look in your closet. How would you describe your fashion style?

Let's talk live music. Which of the following genres is your favorite?

What quality can you not stand in other people?

Do you like to spend time outdoors?

How would you describe your perfect lazy Sunday?

If you could only choose one of the following for the city you lived in, what would it be?

Be honest. What best describes you in high school?

Order up! Which sounds like a great meal?

You're packing for a vacation. What kind of book do you bring?

Are you often late for plans that you have made?

How do you cool down on a hot day?

What is your favorite form of exercise to stay in shape?

Which of the following options would fill your heart with happiness?

Think of your ideal partner. What trait do you want them to have?

In the past year, how many live music events have you attended?

Would your friends and family describe you as competitive?

After a big night out on the town, what do you eat before bed?

Are you more of a planner or spontaneous?

Someone cuts you off in traffic. How do you respond?

You have a day off work and no plans. How do you spend it?

What kind of museum is your favorite?

Are you more of an early-riser or night owl?

You need a pick-me-up. What beverage do you order?

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