Which Scandinavian Country Is Meant for You?

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If you want to get super technical, there is a difference between Scandivinian counties and Nordic countries. Scandinavia only refers to Denmark, Sweden and Norway, while Nordic might also toss in Finland and Iceland. Why? Well, it's a mixed bag of reasons, but none of it changes how awesome any of those countries are or the fact that Vikings used to live there and they probably didn't care what name you used. Yay Vikings! Except not really because they were known to be exceptionally violent people. But you know who isn't exceptionally violent? The people who live there now. The countries of Scandinavia are world-famous for their high quality of life and overall happiness. The people there live good lives and have a lot going for them with beautiful scenery, good food, and, you know, IKEA.

When it comes to imagining yourself somewhere new you'd be hard-pressed to find any place better in the world to choose than one of the Scandinavian countries. But since there are a few to choose from, you need to figure out exactly which country is the one that's meant for you. If you're not sure, worry not! We're all over it like stink on some lutefisk. Take the quiz and see!

You probably need to adjust your diet a bit if you plan to move to Scandinavia. Which dish sounds tastiest?

You can never underestimate the power of music. Which band is the best?

You can't be a Viking but you can take to the seas! Pick a personal water craft!

Scandinavian actors? You bet! Pick your favorite one!

When it comes to outdoor activities, what do you enjoy doing the most?

You've got a few hours to kill after work on a Wednesday. What will you do?

Thirsty? You ought to pour yourself some kind of a drink, then.

Which House was clearly the most underrated on "Game of Thrones?"

City life isn't for everyone. What would you rather see out of your back window than traffic?

You got $100 for your birthday! What are you spending it on?

Is reincarnation something you believe in? Either way, what animal would you like to come back as?

The coolest prize you can win on a game show is a new car. What kind of car are you down for?

If not a Scandinavian country, where else might you go in Europe?

What social benefit do you think would be the best to have?

Do you consider yourself fairly serious or more laid back?

What's the best fish dish?

If you were planning on making some sort of flag, let's say, what colors might you use?

Are you down for eating some reindeer?

Are you OK with strangers just chatting you up at random?

Where would you most like to go for a swim if you had an afternoon free?

Are you a fan of crowds or do you prefer getting away from it all?

Scandinavian people rank as some of the happiest in the world. How happy are you?

What do you think should be done with criminals who commit nonviolent offenses?

What's the most fun activity you could do in the winter?

What's the best holiday to get together with family?

Scandinavian countries have numerous benefits but the trade-off is high income taxes. What's the highest you'd be willing to pay for things like free health care and free education?

Do you have any hobbies you devote more time to than you should?

How cold do you like your winters?

What's the best winter sport of all?

They eat salted licorice in Scandinavia. Are you down?

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