Which Sanderson Sister Are You?

Ashley Duncan

About This Quiz

Come, little children, I'll take thee away! Watch out for this quiz! The Sanderson sisters aren't a trio to be messed with, and you're probably wondering where you fit in? Look no further!

1993 brought the Halloween classic, "Hocus Pocus," to screen. The story follows three witches with a thirst for eternal youth after they are resurrected by a young high school male. While the story came to life, it was definitely due to its iconic characters. 

Bette Midler shined as the leader of the pack, Winifred Sanderson. Is that you? Winnie was intelligent, and it often gave her the chance to be cruel. Winnie wanted to be the most beautiful and the best, even among her sisters! While a bit vain, she was surely able to capture the attention of a crowd - with the help of a little spell.

Kathy Najimy played the role of Mary Sanderson. With a keen smell, her specialty was finding children. Without her, how would her sisters ever find the children they need for their eternal youth? You could say she was the glue that kept their whole operation together! 

Sarah Jessica Parker starred as the beautiful Sarah Sanderson. Using her looks to flirt with men, that wasn't the only thing attractive about her! Although she wasn't the brightest of the trio, her soft voice helped bring countless of children to the witches' cabin!

With these three sisters to choose from, which character are you more like? Are you cruel and intelligent, like Winnie? Are you calm and loyal like Mary? Or would you rather sing and flirt like Sarah? Luckily for you, you won't have to decide yourself! This quiz will determine what witch you would've played in the classic "Hocus Pocus." 

Brooms at the ready!

As a witch you aim to be:

Which color is most bewitching?

Which power do you desire most?

Which mod of transportation do you prefer

Which of these Disney Witches do you like best?

Weapon of choice?

What's your best trait?

What do you dislike most?

What's your biggest weakness?

How would you seek revenge?

What witch's accessory could you not live without?

Biggest fear...

Are you a good singer?

Which would you want more?

What color hair do you have?

In your group you're the...

Which Hocus Pocus character do you relate to the most?

What are your overall thoughts on witches?

Are you superstitious?

Which Halloween candy do you prefer?

What are your thoughts on children?

Which cleaning product would you rather use?

Which would you rather be for Halloween?

When you hear "I put a spell on you", you...

My older brother is...

What's the best Halloween treat to cook from scratch?

Are you more a dog or cat person?

Which do you prefer?

What are you more likely to say?

Which Halloween song is your jam?

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