Which Saint Should Be Your Patron Saint?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

Each of the Christian saints presides over a specialty. AIDS patients can look to Therese of Lisieux for help, Our Lady of Loreto protects aircrews, and even Saint Clare of Assisi looks after lace makers. So which saint should be your patron?

What activity would you like to do the most?

What are you greedy for?

How do you feel about your significant other?

Do you have money troubles?

Which political cause are you most passionate about?

What technology is most important to you?

What charity would you support?

Where is your favorite place to shop?

What is your favorite TV show?

What is your ideal job?

Where is your number one vacation destination?

What is the best magic trick you've seen?

What is your favorite piece of art?

What would you kill for?

What sort of friends do you make?

What's your favorite day of the week?

What superpower would you want?

What sort of pet would you want?

Are you a hoarder?

Do you like telling other people what to do?

How long was your longest relationship?

What have you done recently that you're proud of?

What naughty thing have you done recently?

Have you ever stolen anything?

What's your childhood trauma?

What religious symbol appeals to you?

In which month do you celebrate your birthday?

What hymn would you like to sing in church?

How will you glorify God's name?

How would you die for your faith?

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