Which "Roseanne" character are you?

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Back in the day, "Roseanne" was one of the most popular television shows on the air and is still thought of as a show that made its mark. Before "Roseanne," most families on television were perfect, or at least they appeared to be, but this showed a blue-collar family in all its glory, warts and all. 

The characters on the show were unforgettable ( well except for the youngest kid D.J.). Roseanne, played by Roseanne Barr is bossy and loud, but it is obvious that she is still a good and loving mother. Her husband Dan, played by John Goodman who has been in a whole bunch of different TV shows and movies, is a kind dad and husband, who is hardworking, funny and easygoing. 

Roseanne's sister Jackie is intelligent, warm, and a highly sensitive underachiever. They also had two daughters, Darlene, a sarcastic, artistic tomboy, and Becky who is bright, but also a bit rebellious with a bit of a temper. All of them have their faults which wasn't seen much on sitcoms back then,  but all of them are really good people too. 

Take this quiz to find out which one you would be most like.

Who was your favorite '80s comedian?

Roseanne was based in the midwest. Which midwestern state would you like to visit?

Which Roseanne character do you think was the funniest?

How many children would you like to have?

Which current sitcom do you like most?

Which character would you like to sit down and talk about life with?

Which character do you share a fashion sense with?

What did you like most about the Roseanne series?

What kind of music do you think Dan liked most?

What trait do you think you share with Jackie?

What would you take to a potluck at the Connor house?

Which job are you most likely to try?

Which Roseanne character do you think is most likely to be successful?

Which love song do you think sums up Dan and Roseanne's relationship?

What do you think Darlene grew up to be?

Which actor would you have loved to see guest star on Roseanne?

If you went to Las Vegas with Roseanne, which casino would you visit?

What did you love most about Crystal?

What wedding theme do you think Jackie would choose?

What do you like most about Roseanne Barr?

Which actor should have been Roseanne's new husband after she and Dan divorced?

If you were to visit Roseanne Barr on her Hawaiian ranch, what would you most like to do?

What did you like most about Dan and Roseanne's relationship?

Which of Roseanne's jobs do you think she handled the best?

Which Roseanne guest star did you like most?

Do you think they should bring back Roseanne?

What do you think DJ grew up to be?

Who was your favorite Roseanne couple?

Do you think Leon was a good boss?

Which Roseanne character would you go on a date with?

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