Quiz: Which Region of the United States Fits You Best?
Which Region of the United States Fits You Best?
By: Tori Highley

About This Quiz

The Big Apple! Lone Star! 90210! In the United States, multiple regions seem to share the same style of living and mindset.  From the northeast to the south to the west, which part of the United States fits you best?

The United States is a vast country: so vast that it is the world's third largest country.  However, at the beginning of the United States' history, it started off small: it began as just a few colonies on the eastern mainland before they established their government and the country began to grow. What started in 1787 with Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey would later grow to Alaska and Hawaii in 1959. From the lifestyles within the different parts of the country, where do you belong?

Are you meant for the northeast? Fast-paced and bustling, this region is ideal for the no-nonsense type of folks. Does your heart lie in the South? Your values probably center highly around family, but partying and having a good time is coming in second!

If you're too laid back for the fast-moving northeast, you're probably better suited for the west! Perfect for creatives, the west has a modern and carefree attitude. Rather than carefree, does your friendly nature rule your personality?  If so, you might be a midwesterner. 

Are you tired of wondering? Look on further! If you need to know where in the United States you belong, take this quiz! Answer these questions, and we'll let you know if you need fast-paced New York or laid-back California!

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