Quiz: Which Real-Life Crown Matches Your Personality?
Which Real-Life Crown Matches Your Personality?
By: Kathryn Davis
Image: Pexels by Melt Pels

About This Quiz

Psychologists argue that our society’s obsession with royalty stems from our natural desire for fame and wealth - and with the fact that some of our first celebrity encounters are, in fact, royals themselves! (Disney princesses marathon, anyone?!) Regardless of the reason why we’re so head-over-heels for any gorgeous royal (looking at you, Harry), we won’t deny it: We’re pretty obsessed.

One of the things that’s always fascinated us the most about royalty - besides the general lack of surname and the deep, complex history each royal family tows behind it - is worn right there on every grown-up royal’s head: the crown. Many of the world’s most stunning crowns have been passed down for generations. Frankly, we’re just waiting for our turn!

Originally thought to have been modeled after the physical signs of power found on loads of male animals, like an elk’s antlers or a bird’s plumage, royals have worn crowns since prehistoric times. They’ve become more refined, of course, and far more enviable since then. They’ve been the subject of many long-fought and bloody battles, and honestly, we kind of get why. More than just a mark of power, crowns have become representative of lots of royals’ personalities and relationships to other royals. In style, they’ve grown into a bold accessory that says a lot about the men and women who choose to design and wear them.

Take this quiz to help you decide which crown will best suit your personality and your future royal reign!

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Which social media platform do you use the most?

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What's your favorite gem or stone?

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Which Disney princess do you most closely identify with?

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Which of these colors is your favorite?

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How many children would you like to have?

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