Quiz: Which Rainforest Animal Is Your Spirit Animal?
Which Rainforest Animal Is Your Spirit Animal?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Collage; Bonobo, Jaguar, Sloth

About This Quiz

There's no need to claim an average and boring animal as your spirit animal when there's a rainforest full of interesting creatures. Let's find out which unique rainforest animal lives inside you!

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Which snack would you chose from a tray?

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Which animal of the Chinese Zodiac do you think you are most like?

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Which part of the zoo do you like most?

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How do you deal with getting angry?

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Which word do you think best describes your inner child?

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Which big cat do you like most?

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If you were a farmer, which animals would you choose to raise?

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Which type of rainforest snake do you fear most?

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Which "How I Met Your Mother" character is your favorite?

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How would your coworkers describe your sense of humor?

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Which rainforest fruit would you most like to try?

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Which rainforest beetle sounds scariest?

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Which rainforest would you most like to visit?

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If you found yourself stranded in a rainforest, what is the first thing you would do?

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What country would you most like to visit?

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What animal are you most like when you first wake up?

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What do you think others like most about you?

28.0 of 30
Which job would you like to have most?

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