Which Prom Hairstyle Should You Wear?

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For many students, prom is the big event of the year that offers great food and drinks, music, dancing and social activities. From the beautiful prom themes to the elegant dresses, prom is also a place to show off your sense of style. And for many ladies and gentlemen, this means "glamming up" your hair, makeup and outfit for the big event.

For this quiz, we're going to focus on which prom hairstyle you should wear. After all, it's one of the main focal points of your look, and there are many ways to style your hair. Some people like to keep their hair soft and natural, while others prefer fancy updos and buns. When styling your hair for prom, it's also important to think about how you want to "play up" other aspects of your look. 

For instance, if you're wearing an elegant hairstyle, you could wear a more simplistic dress and natural makeup to "even out" your look. Or, you could throw out all of these "beauty rules" and just go for a look that you feel comfortable with. No matter how much money you spend on your prom dress or what activities you partake in at prom, there's always a place for everyone at one of the most exciting events of the year!

Prom is known for lots of fun activities, but what do you like about it?

You can't go to the big event without a gown, but the question is ... what color will it be?

If you could bring any male celebrity to your prom, who'd you choose?

Does prom call for a natural makeup look or a more bold makeup look?

When getting ready for prom, how long would it take you to get "glammed up?"

Are you going for a look that's more classy or more modern?

Don't forget to paint those nails! Which of these nail art designs would look the prettiest for prom?

A corsage is a must-have accessory. Which of these flowers would you adorn your corsage with?

A prom look is not complete without what pieces of jewelry?

How would you achieve a radiant, dewy look for prom?

Some prom dresses have pretty jewels on them. Which of these jewels would accentuate your prom dress?

Which of these transportation methods will get you to the big event?

Does a prom look call for high heels, flats, wedges or kitten heels?

Do you prefer prom dresses that are long, mid-length or short?

A prom clutch is a pretty accessory that holds makeup products, your phone and other items. What kinds of designs would be on your clutch?

Is it better to bring a change of clothes to prom or just go with your beautiful prom dress?

Prom calls for some beauty prep beforehand. Which of these would make you feel more beautiful?

Which of these Disney princesses would you want to look like for prom?

Do you think that you would be elected as prom queen or prom princess?

A prom hairstyle can be further accentuated with which of these accessories?

Do you currently have any pretty highlights or lowlights in your hair?

Would you dye your hair before prom or leave it the way it is?

What is your must-have makeup product that you would take with you to prom?

Would you do your hair and makeup yourself, or leave it to the pros?

Pick one of these mascaras to lengthen, curl or volumize your lashes.

Prom doesn't last forever! What time do you think you'll be back home?

Does prom call for a magical kiss with that special someone?

Almost every prom has a theme to it, but the question is, what would you hope for the prom theme to be?

There might be food at prom, but is it better to eat beforehand or after the big event?

Which of the following comes to mind when you think of the word "prom?"

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