Which Presidential Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

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While America's presidents have varied in their tastes, policies, preferences, personalities and more, one thing all but one of them had in common that they were married when they took office. The formalizing of the role of first lady goes right back to the beginning, when the president's wife was expected to be involved in ceremonial duties and also in supporting their husband in executing his position.

Not all presidential couples were equally high profile, and not all first ladies were equally involved. Indeed, there have certainly been marriages that were wracked by infidelity, distrust and even active dislike. However other first couples were clearly deeply in love, such as Barack and Michelle Obama, while others were clearly very much on a team together even if not one necessarily united by romance, such as Eleanor and Franklin D Roosevelt. Others were complex, like John and Abigail Adams, who loved one another but faced long periods apart, family troubles, and the sheer impracticality of maintaining family life while trying to run a vast country without access to a car. None were as glamorous as John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie, who were held up as an American royal family and celebrated for a marriage that, under the surface, was roiled by deceit and misery. So tell us about your relationship, and we'll figure out which of these couples you are most like!

Are you educational equals?

How about financial equals?

What brought you together?

What keeps you together now?

Do people envy your relationship?

Do you make each other better, morally speaking?

Do you challenge one another's preconceptions?

Are you still doting on each other?

Do you love to dance together?

Have you ever seen each other through major health trouble?

Have you had to protect them from horrific outside attacks?

Did you believe in their cause before you met, or adopt it later as your own?

How glamorous are you together?

Is one of you more charismatic?

Is there a major future potential earnings disparity?

How social are you?

Do you ever just hang out at home?

How many kids do you want/have (as applicable)?

Do you share a lot about your relationship in public?

Would you be willing to be away from your kids for a long time for your work?

What dog do you have?

Do you worry a lot about your legacy?

Are you a controversial couple?

If you have an enemy, is that automatically also your boo's enemy?

Do people like one of you more than the other?

Have you ever stayed together for appearances?

Have you ever had an open relationship?

Does one of you have a skeleton in your closet that the other somehow gets blamed for?

Do you have any joint skeletons in your closet?

How religious are you?

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