Which Beast Does Your Anger Bring Out?

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Being angry is a really intense feeling. None of us want to get angry, but once it happens, the claws come out. We all act differently when we are angry. Some of us don't let it out and seethe silently inside, while others explode and leave no doubt as to how angry we are. 

Some people lay in wait, looking for the perfect opportunity to get back at the person who angered them, while other people yell and let it all out immediately, then let it go and move on.  

No matter how you slice it, one can say that when we get angry, our animalistic instincts come out; many of us who are some of the mildest people in the world can act like wild beasts when we get enraged. 

When you get so mad that you totally lose it, what beast comes out from deep within you? Are you more like the tarantula, being patient and laying in wait until it is the perfect time to strike, or are you more like the grizzly bear, running straight at someone yelling and waving your arms?

Or maybe you are like the great white shark, silent until you become deadly. The people around you probably know what you turn into when you're angry but do you? Take this quiz to find out. 

How do you handle it if someone is being negative towards you?

What do you do when you see a bully?

How patient are you?

Are you shy?

How many people do you have in your crew?

Are you a good swimmer?

How good looking are you?

How much do you like laying in the sun?

Are you a good boy?

What is your favorite movie?

Do you get irritated when people call you instead of text?

Do you ever give people the silent treatment?

What would you do if you bought something defective?

How do you react when you think a car repair guy ripped you off?

What do you do if your car is stuck in the snow?

How do you handle it if you are talking to someone and they ignore you?

What do you do if someone flips you off in traffic?

Do you like to hunt?

What do you do if a salesperson won't leave you alone in a store?

Are you into sneak attacks?

Would you ever gang up on someone in a fight?

Why were you in the last fight you were in?

How often do you go out and party?

What do you do if someone makes a mistake and blames it on you?

What book might you read?

What do you do if your friend cancels plans on you at the last minute?

How do you handle people that chew loudly?

Do you enjoy being intimidating?

How into Kobe Bryant are you?

What do you do in your spare time?

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