Quiz: Which Predator Brings out Your Sensual Side?
Which Predator Brings out Your Sensual Side?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Inside all of us, there's a predator. For some, that inner predator gets us through the work day or our next grueling workout. For you, there's a predator that turns your crank. There's a predator that brings out your sensual side. 

Throughout this predator quiz, we will need to get to know a little bit about you. Forgive us for being cheeky, but the only real way to get to know the predator that brings out your sexy side is to get to know about the way you view relationships and your favorite tricks in the bedroom. We will try not to ask too many embarrassing things, but getting to know the predator that makes you all sensual will require a little prodding. 

As you choose your answers, follow your instincts the way a lion would follow the scent of a deer. Choosing the response you think fits you best without any inhibitions is the truest way to get to know your inner animal. Let your primitive side take over, and try not to think too much. After all, a true predator would not hesitate to pounce! 

Once you've told us about yourself, we'll be able to tell you which predator brings out your wild side. Are you ready? 

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