Which Pokemon Character Are You?

Heather Cahill

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Welcome to the world of Pokemon, where you can become a skilled trainer or dedicate your life to helping Pokemon! Anyone who watched the Pokemon anime is familiar with the many types of trainers, professionals and general characters within the show. Each one has their own interesting and quirky personality that made them who they are. Love them or hate them; they all had significant roles that have stuck with us for a long time. Have you ever wondered who you're most like?

It's time to imagine yourself within the world of Pokemon. Who would you be? What would you do? Would you spend your time with Pokemon? Just because it's a world where you exist with these incredible creatures doesn't mean that you'll always spend your time working with them. But if you do, then you probably have many things in common with most of the main characters. We hope that you don't have a fear of bug Pokemon like Misty does! If you do, then you'll have to hope that Ash will catch it.

Think you know which character you would resemble most if you were thrown into the Pokemon universe? Then you'll have to take the quiz to see if you'd be happy-go-lucky like Pikachu or evil like Jessie!

If you could work with any Pokemon professor, who would you choose to work with?

Look, it's a berry tree! What berries are you picking?

What is the most important thing to study about Pokemon in your opinion?

Everyone has a type! As a Pokemon trainer, what type of Pokemon would you specialize in?

It's time to pick a place to live in the Pokemon world. Where would you choose?

Which region would you most like to vacation in?

With so many to choose from, which generation of Pokemon is your favorite?

You and your Pokemon are having a lot of trouble to beat one gym leader. What do you do?

What is the best way to travel in the Pokemon world in your opinion?

You're faced with a legendary Pokemon! Which one is it?

Which of the following shiny Generation I Pokemon look the coolest in your opinion?

If you held a job in the Pokemon world, what would you be?

Which of the Pokemon games did you spend the most time playing as a kid?

You're faced with a Pokemon that you've wanted to catch for a long time. What Poke Ball do you use?

The Pokemon world is vast, so where's your favorite place to catch a Pokemon?

What do you think is the best thing about having a Pokemon by your side?

You've encountered a Pokemon that doesn't seem to be happy about you disturbing it. What do you do?

What element from the Pokemon world can't you live without?

The best way to spend a lazy day in the Pokemon world is by doing what?

Gym leaders have a lot to teach and are celebrities in their own right. Which gym leader do you relate to the most?

Not only are they moves, but also useful tools. Which HM move do you get the most use out of?

What is your greatest wish for the world of Pokemon?

Did you spend more time watching the anime, playing the card game or playing the games?

Of the following Pokemon spin-off games, which is your favorite?

Are you one to travel the world filling up your Pokedex or do you care about finding every single Pokemon?

Which of these rare Pokemon card is your favorite?

In the Pokemon universe, would you strive to be a star or would you be the person cheering on the stars from behind the scenes?

Would you ever change a Pokemon's name after catching it, or after having it for a little while?

In your opinion, who were the most evil villains in the Pokemon games?

Once you start up a game, do you ever go back to visit your mother in your hometown?

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