Which Pickup Truck Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Is your idea of a good time rolling down a country dirt road in your pickup truck? Then why not find out which pickup truck you are at heart? Among the most reliable and versatile vehicles on the road, pickup trucks are as individual as their owners. Some trucks have been customized with smokestack-style tailpipes and some are as quiet as a purring kitten, but all of them beg to be driven.

No matter how you use your truck, you know you can count on it like you can count on your best friend. Whether you're towing your boat to the lake or you're helping your friend move furniture, there's no feeling quite like being behind the wheel of your machine! But stop and think for a minute! If you were a pickup truck, do you know which one would you be? Would a Toyota Tacoma sum you up, or would you be more of a Ford F series?

Let's take a look at the things you have in common with a pickup! Are you rough-and-tumble, or are you built for speed? Cruise through the questions to get the checkered flag to drop, and we'll let you know which one you are!

Are you a country boy or a city slicker?

Are you all business?

Are you a bit superficial?

Are you an outdoorsy type?

Are you a tough guy?

Are you all about one thing?

How important are looks?

Are you athletic?

How useful is your muscle?

Do other people like to hang out with you?

Do your friends ask you for favors?

Do your friends like to go on trips with you?

Do you know anyone who uses you to show off?

Are you a bit ridiculous?

Are you All-American?

Are you a little bit Japanese?

Are you a little bit Italian?

Are you a global amalgam?

Do you spend most of your time dragging others around?

Do you look like you're set up to do one thing, but instead do another one very well?

Are you cool?

Are you a snappy dresser?

Do you have a cool name?

Does your name make no sense in any language?

Do you like alphabet soup naming conventions?

Which movie genre do you like best?

What mythological figure do you most identify with?

Do you tend to work mostly in confined spaces?

Are you blue-collar, or do you just pretend to be?

What kind of a driver are you?

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