Quiz: Which Pagan Goddess Are You?
Which Pagan Goddess Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

These days, most people - even the ones who believe that no higher power actually exists, or that if it does, it's not sentient - subscribe to a vision of God that is highly masculine. It's a jealous, authoritative, wrathful God who enjoys a male stereotype, and who is is simultaneously very loving and all-powerful but lets terrible things happen for reasons known only to Himself.

However, our perception of this sort of deity isn't the only one to appear in the many cultures and nations of the world. Pagan faiths from ancient Egypt or Greece to the Celts to the Nordic deities were all full of powerful goddesses who were the equal of any male deity. 

They were often loving, to be sure, but for some of them, that love was highly conditional on your behavior - and just because they might help you out, doesn't mean they would let anyone take advantage of them. They blessed and supported fields of human endeavor from war to childbirth, from literature to architecture to hunting and beyond. You messed with them at your peril.

Does this sound like you? Which part? Tell us, and we'll point you to the goddess you most embody!

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What sort of jewelry do you like to wear?

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If you won 10 million dollars, what would you buy first?

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Are you a "live and let live" sort of person?

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How far back into the past do you like to look?

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What's your signature look?

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What would you include in your worshipers' obligations?

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Who is a living role model?

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What industry do you currently work in?

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What industry would you absolutely never work in?

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Do you shy away from the darker things?

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How independent are you?

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How in touch with nature are you?

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Do you like being center of attention?

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