Which "Overwatch" Character Is Your Soulmate?

Steven Miller

Image: YouTUbe

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In this time of global crisis, you are looking for a partner who can rise to the challenge and become part of the solution in saving our planet. Let's find out which hero from "Overwatch" is your true heart's desire.

Which career sounds most attractive to you in a partner?

How much difficulty have you been through in your life?

Where would you put your age?

Would you consider yourself to be more masculine of feminine?

Are you drawn to those who are healers?

Do you want someone who can work well as part of a team?

How physically strong is your soulmate?

How compassionate do you want your partner to be?

Are you attracted to warriors?

Are you drawn more to a good or bad guy/girl?

Which weapon is more appealing in your soulmate?

Do you believe that it is through conflict that humanity evolves?

If something doesn't kill you, does it make you stronger?

Which character trait is most appealing to you?

Which country would you prefer your soulmate came from?

Would you consider yourself to be a tech geek?

Would you be attracted to someone who has totally reinvented themselves?

Are you drawn to someone who is dark and mysterious?

Are you attracted to someone who is subversive in bringing down those in power?

Would you be alright with a partner who didn't want to talk about their past?

Which hairstyle is most appealing to you?

Which character type is most appealing to you?

Would you be attracted to someone who was a musician or deejay?

Are you interested in someone who is a grassroots organizer for political change?

Is it important for your partner to be fun and lively?

How appealing would it be if your partner were an international celebrity?

How would you feel if your partner came from a poor upbringing?

Are you attracted to people who like to party?

Do you want to be with someone who is good at fixing or upgrading things?

Which high school clique would your soulmate belong to?

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