Which Organ Is Most Likely to Rebel in Your Body?

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You have a whole lot of organs in your body, and while some of them have duplicates in case one goes down, others are expected to perform pretty much flawlessly from birth until death. You can live with one lung or one kidney, and you can also live with only half a liver, or fewer than the usual complement of teeth.

Of course, they never actually do, because the body is designed to accommodate many of its systems functioning below par. For example, your heart doesn't actually need all of its component chambers to beat perfectly at all times in order to keep you alive; heart cells have developed such that they beat individually, even if they are removed from the heart and put into a petri dish! At the same time, the immune system is constantly fighting off infections, while the body's natural healing processes make your organs recover from damage. The upshot is that a lot of the time, one or other of your organs may be in a state of rebellion, but because it is only partial rebellion, you don't suffer very serious symptoms.

Still, if a rebellion does break out in a particular organ or the related system, it can be really serious. While modern medicine has answers to many of these situations, the best option is always prevention - and to prevent disaster before it strikes, you have to know when and where to expect it. Let's find out!

What's your typical daily intake of green vegetables?

How was your health as a child?

Did both your parents make it to their 60th birthday in relatively decent shape?

When you visit the doctor, what sound is the first one they make when examining you?

Can you run up four flights of stairs without having to sit down at the top?

How much exercise is built into your day?

Would you say you have a healthy relationship with food?

What sort of climate do you live in?

Were you taught growing up that asking for help is weakness?

How often do you see a doctor when there ISN'T something obviously wrong?

Have you ever had an ultrasound that wasn't to do with pregnancy?

Have you ever had an MRI?

How good are you at remembering to take a prescription every day?

How do you get to work?

Owning a pet is great for your health. Do you have one?

Would you say you're pretty emotionally literate?

Do you keep any sort of diary in which you'd track an unusual sensation or pain?

How much sleep do you get per night?

A second set of eyes makes all the difference. Are you in a relationship?

Let's find out who else is monitoring your health. How's your relationship with your mom?

What sort of access to health care do you have?

Have you ever put off going to the doctor for financial or scheduling reasons?

Going back to your earliest memory of saying something hurt, whereabouts in your body was it?

Dental problems left unhandled can allow infection and other trouble to spread. How often do you make it to the dentist?

What interesting news, if any, did you get in your last blood test?

Have you ever survived a major accident where you were injured?

What unhelpful habit can you simply not resist?

How do you feel in the morning when you wake up?

Can you afford to adequately heat and cool your home?

What sort of neighborhood do you live in?

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