Which of the Crown Jewels Would Look Best on You?

Heather Cahill

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About This Quiz

Many crown jewels have been passed through the ages in countries all around the world! Arguably the most famous is the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The crown is currently used by Queen Elizabeth II. Typically, the crown jewels have a long history behind them, and they're often passed down through the family. Are you ready to find out which of the famous crown jewels from around the world are meant for you?

Walking in the shoes of a king or queen can't be easy, especially if you're wearing the crown jewels! Queen Elizabeth's crown jewels weigh around 2 pounds, after all. There are many different styles of them according to where they are used. For example, the Danish Crown Jewels are a gorgeous collection of ornaments, while the Korean crown jewels is a beautifully simple gold crown. There's only one way to find out which crown is the one that suits you the best!

So, if you're ready to find out which jewels are your perfect fit, then tell us all about yourself by taking this quiz. Then sit back, kick up your feet and relax in your royal recliner (or throne). We'll handle the rest of work!

Pets are a great company. Would you have any if you were a ruler?

Which historical figure do you admire?

Do you show your emotions?

What is the most important thing about being a leader to you?

Everybody needs a great hobby in their life. What is your favorite pastime?

Do you like the big city or small towns?

What is your favorite genre of music?

If you could watch only one genre of television show for the rest of your life, which of the following would it be?

Which fictional royal do you like most?

What do you look forward to after a long day at work?

It's time to choose your favorite rock. Which precious jewel is your favorite?

Do you give more than you take?

Which constellation do you like?

What is the best way to show someone that you care about them?

Everyone is good at something! What is your greatest strength?

Are you a private person?

Do you have a talent?

It's easy to get annoyed by something! What is your biggest pet peeve?

Of the following, what is your style like?

If you were a fictional character, who would you be?

What is your biggest weakness?

Which of thee cities would you like to visit?

If you were an animal, which of the following ones would you be?

What was your favorite subject in school?

If you were a real princess, what type of kingdom would you like to live in?

Which title would you hold as a royal?

Time to tell us what you like to sip on. Which beverage is your favorite?

How would you tell a friend bad news?

Are you a believer in the unknown?

It's always fun to celebrate! What is your favorite holiday?

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