Which of Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon Are You?

Heather Cahill

Image: TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company International

About This Quiz

Ash has journeyed from Kanto to Alola and caught Pokemon that have been added not only to his team but also to his crazy adventures. Starting at the beginning with his beloved Pikachu, Ash did not have it easy. Imagine receiving your first Pokemon, and finding out that it didn't really like you! Luckily, he was able to turn around Pikachu's perception of him, and they've had the best adventures since. With Pikachu by his side, he was able to add to his team throughout each region.

Throughout his travels, Ash has added some interesting Pokemon to the team. One example is the extremely loyal Charmander who risked his own life out in the rain while waiting for his original trainer. Thankfully, Ash and his friends managed to make it just in time. Another was the beloved Bulbasaur, who was found protecting other Pokemon in the Hidden Village. Eventually, he was caught by Ash and joined the team. Ash also caught other Pokemon such as Caterpie and Raticate.

Now, it all comes down to you! If you've ever wondered what Pokemon you're most like on Ash's team, then now is your chance. Take the quiz to find out if you're firey like Charizard or electrifying like Pikachu!

Does your imagination run wild or are you more of a realist?

If you were a real animal, which of the following would you be?

When you go on an adventure in "Pokemon GO!" what do you usually try to do?

There are many great professors in the franchise, but which of the following is your favorite?

You're in a group with a bunch of your friends. Which role do you play among everyone?

Do you ever have regrets or are regrets something that you don't believe in?

Which legendary Pokemon would be a dream for you to catch and add to your team?

You wake up and everything is going wrong from the start. How do you deal with it?

Are you a word search whiz or are you all about the numbers?

The Pokemon world is filled with countless unique cities and towns to suit everyone's style. Which of the following Pokemon cities would you make your home?

Would you keep your Pokemon in its Poke Ball, or would you let it travel freely as Ash does with Pikachu?

Do you talk to everyone you meet or avoid them at all costs?

What type of goals are you most interested in achieving in your life?

It's not training unless you defeat all of the gym leaders. Which gym leader are you looking forward to challenging most?

When you're in a pinch in battle, which of these items do you usually turn to?

If there was one region you'd like to travel to, which of the following would it be?

Everyone has a dream. Of the following, what is your biggest dream?

Which of the following friends would you want to complete your Pokemon journey alongside?

Do you like your days organized and laid out perfectly or do you go with the flow?

Which of the following activities makes you happiest?

Everyone has a type, but even more so in the Pokemon world! Your favorite Pokemon type is which of the following?

Are you daring or are you more reserved and try to play it safe?

When on the hunt to catch Pokemon, what is most important to you?

Though it can be hard, it's something most have to do. How do you deal with stress?

If you were only able to play one Pokemon game for the rest of your life, which of the following would you choose?

Which of these important areas in the Pokemon world do you frequent the most?

Taking risks can be scary to some, but how do you feel about them?

If you were to take a trip, what type of place would you be most likely to visit?

Would you consider yourself to be a planner or do you try bypass planning at all costs?

Pokemon rivals all have their differences making some more likable than others. Which rival do you like the best?

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