Which Non-Disney Princess Are You?

Artimis Charvet

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In the last twenty years since a variety of movies were brought together under the umbrella of Disney princesses, the world's best-known group of princesses have become a cultural touchstone. Millions of little girls dress up as them and imagine what it would be like to be them. They sell lunchboxes, duvet covers, toys, books and, of course, movies. While they are a racially diverse group, they all look very similar, with minuscule waists, very long hair and similarly-shaped faces - and though they have gotten feistier in recent years, not until the last couple of movies did they consistently have agency in their own plots.

This is why Disney is not the first or last word when it comes to princesses - which makes sense, since of course Disney is an American company and America has never had a princess. There are plenty of other princesses out there, slaying their own dragons, inheriting their own kingdoms, and making hard choices about their destinies and those of their people. Some of them wield magic, while others have only their wits or real weapons to keep them and their loved ones safe. Let's find out which of these heroic princesses who aren't from the House of Mouse you are most like!

Would you rather be saved, or save yourself?

Do you have a tragic backstory?

Are you looking for love?

How quickly do you make decision?

How well do you implement your decisions?

When confronted with an obstacle what do you do?

Who do you love most?

What kind of personality would your horse have?

What kind of house did you grow up in?

What kind of home will you retire in?

What plant best describes you?

In a fight, how well do you do?

What's your best attribute?

Is it okay to lie?

How many loves have you had in your life?

What are your friends like?

Are you a people person?

If you had one wish, what would it be?

How do you tend to make most of your decisions?

Someone is trying to turn you into a goblin, what do you do?

Do you like jewels?

What is your view on life?

You're out in the middle of the desert and see a tortoise lying helplessly on its back. What do you do?

You're alone with one other person and have to exit a room. What do you do?

How much do you like to talk?

Someone in your group is acting strangely. What do you do?

Of the following, which is most important to you?

How do you feel about fashion?

How do you feel about marriage?

Do you often hold a grudge?

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