Which NBA Legend Is Your Spirit Animal?

Raj Chander

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Ever since Dr. James Naismith hung peach baskets up in his school's gym, people have brought their unique personalities onto the court. Basketball players express themselves with their clothes, words, and even the stuff they do away from the hardwood. In the modern NBA, most fans identify the league's biggest stars as much by their on-court prowess as their demeanor off it.

There's LeBron James, the quietly competitive superstar shaping himself into a business mogul in the mold of Michael Jordan. Other stars include the notably reclusive Kawhi Leonard, who dominates on the court with few words. Kyrie Irving made a splash with his quirky scientific beliefs, questioning whether the Earth is flat and the existence of the dinosaurs.

Of course, a player's persona is more than just the way they talk. Their on-court approach to the game says a lot about who they are. Do they take plays off like the famously-Mercurial Rajon Rondo? Or go hard every play like Russell Westbrook? What are they wearing into the arena?

And most importantly, which of them are you most like? Complete the quiz below and we'll let you know which hardwood hero you're connected with on the spiritual plane.

What's your best strength on the court?

Which team would you most want to run for if you were a real NBA player?

What's your hype song to get you pumped before the big game?

What's more important: individual performance or team success?

Who is your favorite NBA coach?

Which college would you want to play basketball at?

What's your attitude when approaching friendly competitions, like board games or pick-up sports?

Which of these other NBA legends would you struggle the most against on the court?

What's your biggest vice?

What's your favorite sport besides basketball?

Which player would you most want to play with?

Which shoe brand are you rocking on the court?

Which non-basketball celeb do you identify the most with?

You're on a breakaway, headed to the hoop all by yourself—what kind of slam dunk are you throwing down?

What's most important in a romantic partner?

How well do you get along with your supervisor at work?

What's your life's motto?

If you were any animal in the world, which one would it be?

What's your favorite movie to unwind with?

Which of these places would be your dream vacation destination?

How well do you get along with your coworkers?

What's your body type?

How do you handle losing?

What would you want people to remember about your legacy as a player?

What kind of video games do you like the most?

What's your postgame drink of choice?

Who would you thank in your induction to the basketball Hall of Fame?

What is the main reason you might rub some people the wrong way?

Which of these vehicles is your dream ride?

Which of these is your favorite musical artist?

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