Which NASCAR Driver Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

Strap yourself in and start your engines! During this quiz we're going to race around the streets and around a NASCAR track. The way you live life in the fast lane or the way you behave at a red light could go a long way to telling us which famous NASCAR driver you are most like! Share your ways of the road with us, and we'll make sure you find out. 

NASCAR originated in the Appalachian region of the United States. Through the illegal transport of alcohol, smugglers began to soup up their cars to outrun the law. Now one of the largest sports in the world, NASCAR's humble and unique roots has grown entire and empire of drivers. Whether you approach your commute like Richard Petty in the last leg of the Daytona 500 or you are more of a Sunday driver according to your kids, this quiz will give you the name of the NASCAR driver you could tell to ride shotgun. 

Keep your eyes open for the checkered flag to drop! Once you've made it, we'll reveal your NASCAR identity to you. The next time you have your buddies over to watch the race, you'll have full bragging rights!

Do your professional peers secretly loathe you?

Are you among the best at what you do?

Are you out for the team, or number one?

How are you in a crisis?

Would your friends call you unflappable?

Are you the same business as your family?

Do your successes occasionally come with terrible sacrifices?

Are your victories occasionally tainted by accusations of unfair play?

Are you attractive as a person?

Do people often try to associate themselves with your glamour?

How much do you stand out from the crowd?

Are you beloved in your field?

How were you as a rookie?

How tall are you?

How close to the edge are you willing to live?

Do your colleagues support you?

How much of a head start do you tend to get on tasks?

How many close calls have you had?

Which car is your favorite?

Are you different in your private life?

Do you have ambitions to be an actor?

When do you plan to retire?

Are you a thought leader in your field?

If you were in a motorsport other than NASCAR, what would it be?

What stock car would you daily drive?

How old are you?

Can you talk intelligently on the subject of NASCAR?

Do you know much about INDYCAR?

How will your boosters feel about your retirement?

How much wear has your profession had on your health?

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