Quiz: Which Mythical Creature Reflects Your Inner Soul?
Which Mythical Creature Reflects Your Inner Soul?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: -asi / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

About This Quiz

We don't think about our souls enough, and when we do, we never think of them in the ways they deserve. That's why we're here! After you tell us all about your personality, your love for animals and the inner workings of your soul, we will be able to tell you the mythical creature it is best reflected by. 

Traditionally, when we think of mythical creatures we think of things like centaurs and mermaids. During this quiz, we want to get a little more spritely and examine some of the more under-appreciated mythical creatures. You are such a unique individual with such a truly special soul that we think you deserve a creature that reflects you correctly. 

You may have never thought of yourself as being alluring like a siren, but your soul is quite a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Once we unravel your best traits and see the way you interact with the universe, we'll be able to figure out which mythical creature your soul takes the most inspiration from!

After you read our questions, take a moment to listen to the deepest recesses of your mind. If you listen carefully, you will hear your soul providing your answers. Then you'll know which mythical beast it's most like!

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